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Tony Vidal

Tony Vidal

Producer, Director, Writer

Tony Vidal is available to serve your production as a Producer, Screenwriter, or Director. He has previously performed all of those roles on his films, The Prankster, Baja, and Free Byrd, and was a co-conceiver and co-writer on Her Best Move.

Producing: Producing a project successfully involves a broad perspective and wide range of skills. A good producer is a like a concierge who can navigate all the varied practical aspects of a production while taking care of everyone’s needs, and upholding the overall vision of the project with integrity. I also see the project through to appropriate distribution, as needed.

Screenwriting: A solid screenplay is the essential foundation of a feature film. With it, you are guaranteed a viable product; without it, no amount of star power or technical wizardry can salvage the production. I believe in the time-honored cornerstones of great screenwriting: theme, plot, and character, working together to create a seamless and powerful whole.

Directing: As a director, I start with a vision, derived from the script. What is the story about, and how can that best be realized visually? I focus on actors/character and cinematography, while keeping a conscientious eye on getting things done on time, with ease and joy. My work continues through post, supervising the edit, soundtrack, sound work and color grading, to create an artistically consistent whole.

Tony was a special guest for the LIVE WITH GREG podcast.
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Tony was a special guest for the MOPED OUTLAWS podcast.
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