Current Projects

Prankster Entertainment seeks partnerships to launch these visionary sci-fi projects.

The Outsider | A Prankster Entertainment Production

Diverse sci-fi/fantasy drama set on a city orbiting Earth 75 years after the apocalypse. From this strange new world, a legendary athlete is exiled for becoming too godlike. The exile lands on Earth to find a new society living in accord with nature. He returns to the orbiting city to share his discovery, which is sorely resisted for sinister reasons. This story depicts the power of one’s beliefs to create reality.

A once renown television journalist stumbles on what could be the story of the millennium — proof of the existence of UFOs. On the run with his former girlfriend, he travels to Four Corners and is introduced to a friendly, offbeat alien. This unlikely ally not only helps the journalist uncover and foil an incredible conspiracy, but leads him to enlightenment as well.

Prankster Entertainment's Laughing Alien

Dakini Love is a young operative for Earth Advocates, a clandestine organization dedicated to saving the planet. Dakini infiltrates an alleged terrorist organization headed by charismatic Raul Espinosa, only to learn a global elite has been manipulating human reality. Thrust into a mind-bending adventure, and romance, Dakini uses her evolving psychic abilities to navigate an ever widening circle of truth and deception.