Past Projects

To Entertain and Enlighten

A middle-aged underachieving van driver, Jay, is assigned to drive an irascible senior, Harry (Raymond J. Barry), to a new home. Along the way they have a series of misadventures, including being picked up by a troupe of burlesque dancers and performing an impromptu comedy act. An enlightening journey that gives both men new perspective on life.

Free Byrd
Baja | A Prankster Entertainment Production

During Christmas break, four 22 year-olds on a Mexican road trip seem bound for trouble until they, and their trip, are unexpectedly redeemed by a series of miraculous events. An entertaining and uplifting road comedy/romance.

Teen comedy/coming of age story about offbeat high school kids who gain their identity by staging sophisticated pranks. Both hilarious and insightful, this screenplay depicts young people finding the courage to break free of conditioned roles to find out who they truly are.

The Prankster Movie from Tony Vidal

The story of high school soccer prodigy Sara Davis as she juggles life, love and sports on her way to becoming the youngest player ever selected to the U.S. National Team. Conflicts arise as Sara deals with her over-zealous sports dad, a free-spirited boyfriend and her hectic existence in the social quicksand commonly known as high school.