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Tony Vidal

Tony Vidal

Producer, Director, Writer

Tony Vidal (Producer, Director, Writer) made his directorial debut with The Prankster, a teen comedy/romance which he also wrote, and was produced by his own production company, Prankster Entertainment. The Prankster was distributed by Strand Releasing on numerous platforms including Netflix and Hulu and had a successful two year run on Showtime and Starz.

Tony went on to write, direct and produce Baja, which was theatrically released by AMC Independent in 2018, and is currently on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and all major platforms.

Tony’s latest production, Free Byrd, starring Raymond J. Barry, can be seen on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and other platforms.

As a filmmaker, Tony seeks to tell stories that entertain and enlighten. He also enjoys dark chocolate and a good laugh.

Tony was a special guest for the LIVE WITH GREG podcast.
He talks a lot about his film-making journey and process.