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To Entertain And Enlighten

During Christmas break, four 22 year-olds on a Mexican road trip seem bound for trouble until they, and their trip, are unexpectedly redeemed by a series of miraculous events. An entertaining and uplifting road comedy/romance.
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Road comedy/ buddy picture in the vein of Sideways and The Bucket List. Jay, a middle- aged former actor, is assigned to transport Harry, a mischievous octogenarian, to an assisted living community. Along the way, they have a variety of misadventures, including being picked up by a troupe of burlesque dancers, and performing an impromptu comedy act. An entertaining and enlightening journey in which the older Harry gives Jay insight and perspective on life.

Cynical photojournalist CHARLIE BOYD arrives in Bangkok to do an exaggerated piece on the “exotic Asian woman”. He meets an intriguing bar hostess, TOI, who acts as his guide, then helps her search for her daughter, who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. A cross-country journey leads to a dangerous conflict with Thai mafia, and a revelatory discovery of love.

A once renown television journalist stumbles on what could be the story of the millennium — proof of the existence of UFOs. On the run with his former girlfriend, he travels to Four Corners and is introduced to a friendly, offbeat alien. This unlikely ally not only helps the journalist uncover and foil an incredible conspiracy, but leads him to enlightenment as well.

Dakini Love is a beautiful young operative for Earth Advocates, a clandestine organization dedicated to saving the planet. Dakini infiltrates an alleged terrorist organization headed by charismatic Raul Espinosa, only to learn a global elite has been manipulating human reality. Thrust into a mind-bending adventure, and romance, Dakini uses her evolving psychic abilities to navigate an ever widening circle of truth and deception. Part I of trilogy

Sci-fi/fantasy drama set on a city orbiting Earth 75 years after the apocalypse. From this strange new world, a legendary athlete is exiled for becoming too godlike. The exile lands on Earth to find a new society living in accord with nature. He returns to the orbiting city to share his discovery, which is sorely resisted for sinister reasons. This story depicts the power of one’s beliefs to create reality.

Comedy/Drama. Ambitious film student Joey Ravello arrives in LA with a typical dream, but his odyssey to “making it” takes some extraordinary detours. Enduring the abuses of a famous film school, serving eccentric stars, and participating in major studio intrigue, causes Joey to fashion a new concept of success. More than a Hollywood satire, 45 Minutes to Nowhere is a moving story of spiritual awakening.

Story by Tony Vidal & Alan Kristal
High-spirited adventure set in the rainforest. A cynical American expatriate reluctantly joins forces with a resourceful female eco-guerilla to oppose an exiled corporate raider, who is leveling the rainforest for profit. A mystical encounter with native people and a hunt for a legendary treasure are keys to their ultimate triumph. Romancing the Stone meets The Emerald Forest.

Set in the 60s, a sensitive army officer is given a secret and illegal assignment—domestic spying. He infiltrates a radical political group in San Francisco, reporting back to his superiors all the while. In the process, however, he is slowly won over to the radical’s viewpoint, and faces a life-changing decision regarding his assignment.

Teen comedy/coming of age story about offbeat high school kids who gain their identity by staging sophisticated pranks. Both hilarious and insightful, this screenplay depicts young people finding the courage to break free of conditioned roles to find out who they truly are. In the vein of Breaking Away, Sixteen Candles, and She’s The Man. COMPLETED & IN DISTRIBUTION.