Prankster Mission

Making Movies for a Changing World

We live in a fascinating and crucial time. Humanity seems poised on the brink of either a huge breakthrough in consciousness or self-destruction. Now more than ever there is a critical need for stories that lighten the heart and expand awareness. To put people in touch with the sacred has always been the ultimate purpose of storytelling.

Prankster Entertainment is a conscious media company whose goal is to awaken slumbering spirits through entertaining stories geared for a mass audience. We own ten screenplays, all fully developed and original literary properties, ready for production as mainstream feature films. All of the projects have an underlying spiritual theme, subtly interwoven within the entertaining story line. The objective is to put our audience in touch with their own inner wisdom, helping lead the way into a new frontier of spiritual understanding.

Taken as a whole, the Prankster Slate represents a comprehensive program of commercial entertainments for all ages and awareness levels. In addition to domestic theatrical revenues, each project can expect to gain substantial revenues through DVD rentals and sales, VOD, cable syndication, network sales, foreign revenues, and various merchandising.

All told, the revenue potential is enormous. But our focus is not just on the financial bottom line. We believe in a “triple bottom line” comprised of people, planet, and profit. That is, we know that by serving people’s highest interests — the expansion of their consciousness – the planet will benefit and profits will accrue.

Prankster dares to think globally and has the vision and expertise to succeed. We invite you to journey with us into the lucrative emerging market of conscious entertainment, and help awaken humanity in the process.