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Prankster Movie Aims to Expand Consciousness


Hollywood fare has long been justifiably criticized for being lowbrow and mindless. The seemingly soulless approach of the corporate studios leaves the audience asking, “where are the movies with heart?” Independent filmmaker Tony Vidal answers with a teen movie called The Prankster. While the title suggests comedy, Vidal purports the film has an added dimension.

“While The Prankster is a teen comedy in the tradition of Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller, and Breaking Away, it has an additional dimension of depth, featuring quotes from Rumi and Kazantzakis, among others,” says Vidal. “My hope is to give young people a glimpse into some of the great wisdom traditions, while at the same time delivering the outrageous and bawdy humor typical of the genre.”

Film producer returns to alma mater San Rafael High to direct movie

To hear him tell it, Tony Vidal was “a quiet, nerdy guy who studied a lot and got good grades” at San Rafael High School in the late 1960s. But he wasn’t above playing a prank or two.

Three decades later, the 56-year-old film producer and screenwriter returned to his alma mater to direct his first movie, “The Prankster,” a teen comedy about high school kids who rebel against authority by pulling what Vidal calls “sophisticated and fun pranks” – like humiliating their boorish dean and sabotaging the Senior Follies. pdf_icon

Marin’s own ‘Prankster’

Watch out Hollywood, Marin County is getting on the filmmaking map. Sausalito-based Prankster Entertainment has finished its first independent film, made entirely in Marin at locations including San Rafael, Marinwood and Sausalito. Larkspur resident Tony Vidal wrote, produced and directed “The Prankster,” a teen movie about high school students who use pranks to right the world’s wrongs.